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2013–2014 Ella Fountain Pratt Emerging Artist Recipients

  • Torry Bend, drama
  • Rachel Campbell, painting
  • Laura Doggett, installation
  • Nureena Faruqi, photography
  • Michael Lento, photography
  • Stephanie Levin, literature
  • George Mitchell, sculpture
  • Jenifer Padilla, painting
  • Elizabeth Paley, craft
  • Darren Kendrick Powers, Francis Vega Emerging Artist, sculpture
  • Benjamin Reid, sculpture
  • Teli Shabu, music
  • Ann Corley Silverman, craft
  • Madelyn Smoak, craft
  • John Westmoreland, music
  • Leah Wilks, dance

The Emerging Artists Program is funded by the North Carolina Arts Council, a division of the Department of Cultural Resources, The Mary Duke Biddle Foundation, The Ella Fountain Pratt Fund, Carver Fund, the Durham Arts Council Annual Arts Fund and individual contributions. This year one award was given in honor of Francis Vega, 1959–2013, who was an Emerging Artists Grant recipient and worked to support emerging sculptors.