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DAC Facility

Room Descriptions

The Durham Arts Council provides versatile, affordable and stylish spaces for 
any occasion. Click on any room below to learn more.

Allenton Gallery

Great for receptions, banquets, reunions, press conferences
Size: 27 x 38
Capacities: 100 seated, 150 standing

Pavilion and Balcony


Great for dancing, receptions, parties,
Size: 42 x 35
Capacities: 100 seated, 150 standing.

Semans Gallery

Great for receptions, banquets, luncheons, weddings
Size: 27 x 38
Capacities: 100 seated, 150 standing

 Adaron Hall

Great for meetings, conferences, smaller private affairs, receptions
Size: 42 x 32
Capacities: 80 seated, 80 standing

Rand Board Room

Great for Board meetings, training seminars, small formal dinner meetings, 
workshops, or presentations

Size: 15 x 30
Capacities: 14 seated


IBM Rehearsal Hall


Great for seminars, parties, banquets, reunions, recitals
Size: 55 x 45
Capacities: 150 seated, 180 standing

Duke Power Rehearsal Studio

Great for recitals, press conferences, meetings
Size: 43 x 32
Capacities: 80 seated, 80 standing

PSI Theatre

200 seat performance space, great for pageants, fashion shows, plays, recitals, performances, concerts, church services, film showings, seminars

Holmes Conference Room

Great for small meetings and interviews.
Size: 14 x 14
Capacities: 10 seated

Dance Studios

Two rooms with sprung marley floors, ballet bars, mirrors and a sound system installed.
Rollins: 1464 sq ft.
Wachovia: 1425 sq ft.

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