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DAC School Scholarships

DAC School offers scholarships to children and teens for up to 75% of the cost of the course. The awards are made based upon the financial need of the family of the scholarship recipient. Scholarship applications should be completed and attached to the registration form. To receive an application please call the DAC School registrar at 560-2726.

Scholarships for DAC School classes and camps are generously provided by a grant from the Fox Family Foundation, with additional support provided from the Timmins Summer Scholarship Endowment, and The Andrew Goodridge Scholarship Fund. Support from these generous donors increases the opportunities for more children to participate in DAC School programs.
The Andrew Goodridge Scholarship Fund
Andy was a life long lover of the arts - as an all-state trombonist in his Connecticut high school, as a graduate of Northwestern University with a degree in English and Poetry, as a published poet in North Carolina, and as an amateur actor here in Durham. His love of children and his joy and exuberance in life and the creative process make DAC a natural place to carry on his legacy.
The Fund, created in his memory to support the DAC School Scholarship program, is a gift from his parents, Jane and George, and his sisters, Ellen and Carolyn. Additional contributions to this fund are always welcome.
Timmins Summer Scholarship Endowment
In 1998 Ann and Bob Timmins made a generous donation to create the Ann and Bob Timmins Summer Scholarship Endowment. This Endowment supports scholarships for children in the Creative Kids, Summer Arts, Afternoon Adventures, and Arts Encounter (teen) programs. Mrs. Timmins explains that she and her husband believe "If we can encourage more art, there will be more beauty in the world." They feel that the best way to do this is by increasing the opportunities for children to participate in the DAC School programs.